Résumés And Professional Letters

More than ever, the job search is about marketing yourself. First impressions matter, and you have less than ten seconds to show your best. Your resumes and professional letters, including your cover letter and networking emails, are the first things that show employers or networking contacts your ability to write and communicate. They need to shine - be professional, relevant, and tell your story.

It can be really hard to write about yourself or know how best to communicate it clearly and succinctly for an audience you've never met. Beyond being well written, they need to work for automated tracking systems (ATS) and an audience that is busy reading numerous applications in addition to doing their other work. More and more positions are filled before they're even posted, or filled via recruiters. How you shape your professional communication needs to fit these processes.

We can help you with your resumes and professional letters in one of two ways:

  • You write your own documents: If you have already written your documents or prefer to do this yourself, we provide a critical review with suggestions for improvements.
  • We write your documents: If you wish for us to help you create your documents, we will create customized résumés, cover letters, or other professional communication that helps you stand out from the competition. This is a collaborative process that includes time to gather information from you about your experience and your job targets. Every résumé and professional communication is tailored to the specific job and employer.

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Thrive starburstOnce you've started on the path to creating a strong résumé, you want to be sure you've created a LinkedIn profile. We can help with this too, but it's great to get started by creating the profile.