Our Work

Why We Coach

We’ve each had days where we weren’t sure where we were headed. Heck, we still have those days! But we chose to embrace coaching as a career because we have benefited from coaching ourselves and because we have seen the success of those we've worked with.

People come to coaching for lots of different reasons – most are successful people who desire deepening of their lives, people who know there is more to life than what they experience now. Seeking out coaching means you've chosen to take charge of your life—to find depth and fulfillment, achieve your most unimaginable dreams, live out your purpose and be fully alive.

Sometimes it does not matter which path you choose because they both take you to the same place.

What We Do

At Thrive Coaching Group our tagline, Coaching for All of LifeTM captures the essence of our work with you, as an individual or organization. Building on your motivation to seek out coaching, we partner with you in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires you to maximize your personal and professional potential.

How We Work

At Thrive Coaching Group, we ground our work in storytelling, something central to communication since the beginning of humankind. Our brains are wired for storytelling, to the point that chemicals and hormones are released making us feel alongside what we hear. As listeners we become engaged, pulled into the story and when this happens, we feel more connected to the storyteller and we remember the story better than if someone had just recited a list of facts.

Everyone has something to contribute and we invite them into conversation, prompting them with questions meant to explore their positions, consider patterns, and make sense of other voices. We listen deeply, reecting together on what is being communicated, focusing on strengths and successes.

And while we use stories to help our clients make sense of their past, we also help our clients develop their stories to imagine their future. These future stories help organizations connect to their employees and their audience. Future stories help individuals embrace the next stage of their life, whether that’s college, a prospective employer, retirement, or even the end of life.

The process of creating and telling a story compels connection between people, cultivating a shared sense of values, a sense of community, and a drive to engage in a shared purpose.

Coaching vs. Consulting

Coaching is a supportive alliance between coach and client, a relationship designed to empower you forward while deepening self-knowledge. Coaching is not advice, instruction or therapy. It is an ongoing partnership that challenges you to move beyond limiting beliefs and encourages you to more fully use your natural strength to do all the things you are capable of doing. Thrive Coaching Group uses the Co-Active coaching model, long considered the gold standard of coaching methodology.

In some of our coaching – academic, college, and organizational, in particular – there are times when we draw on our skills and experience as educators. Some clients need to develop new skills (e.g., writing a resume or cover letter), need guidance on implementing change, or need instruction on how to do something new, or have specific needs they wish to address.

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