Meet Our Team

Our team is committed to providing you with Coaching For All Of Life™. Our coaches, Kate Knaul and j Miranda are experienced and ready to help you navigate your path forward with support, compassion, and encouragement.

Kate Knaul


Founder, Coach

Kate is an independent educational consultant and career coach who works with:

  • students and families exploring college opportunities
  • students completing college applications
  • adults pursuing job opportunities and making career changes

Kate is an associate member of the Independent Educational Consultants Association, the Indiana Association for College Admission Counseling, and the Career Development Professionals of Indiana.

j Miranda

Founder, Coach

In my first coaching class back in 2003, I remember being asked to introduce myself from the space of being (who I am), not doing (what I do). The first thought that came to mind is “I aspire to be a healing presence”. Healing presence defines my work. I don’t heal people. Instead, I facilitate the natural physical, emotional, and spiritual healing that comes from within. I am a guide who walks alongside the natural, healing journey.

Like many people, I’ve worn a lot of hats in my lifetime. I’ve had the opportunity to walk through the world as an educator, a musician, a CIO, a university administrator, and some other roles that have informed my work and deepened my learning. The unifying theme of my past experience, my present work, and my future goals is that of service—service in the form of abiding presence, deep and heartfelt listening, and the passion to support those in search of a meaningful life or end of life experience.

What I do now

So now, you might be wondering what exactly I do. As a coach, I listen, ask questions, and help you navigate whatever transition you are undertaking. I help you understand the strengths on which you can draw and help you identify your resources. As a Reiki Master and sound healer, I understand the body’s ability to come to the center and advocate for your wellness through energetic means. Whether life coaching or end of life coaching; Reiki or sound healing, I am your guide.

As a lifelong learner, I am dedicated to quality training and ongoing personal and professional development. I earned my professional coaching credential in 2005 as a Certified Professional Coactive Coach through the Coaches Training Institute and have maintained an independent coaching practice ever since. Just this year, I certified as an End of Life Coach through Coaching at End of Life and look forward to specifically supporting dying and grieving individuals. My understanding of the body’s ability to heal led me to be certified as a Reiki Master Teacher through Heart Spirals in 2010. I provide individual Reiki sessions and Reiki classes and I share my Reiki gift as a hospice volunteer.