LinkedIn Profile

Having a LinkedIn profile is an absolute must to establish a professional presence and land a job. LinkedIn is the professional networking platform that’s used by a growing number of employers and recruiters. When used to its fullest, it allows you to develop new professional relationships, engage meaningfully in your professional arena, and be ahead of others when it's time to seek a new opportunity.

We can help you with your LinkedIn profile in one of two ways:

  • You write your own profile: If you have already a LinkedIn profile, we provide a critical review with suggestions for improvements. We’ll focus on how consistent your content is, how well you communicate your professional values, your use of relevant keywords in your job targets, and how well you’ve used the various sections of the platform.
  • We write your profile: We can help you create content and polish your profile if you haven’t touched your LinkedIn profile in a while, or if you’re just getting started. This is a collaborative process that includes time to gather information from you about your experience and your job targets, as well as relevant media or documentation, that help communicate your value to prospective employers.

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Thrive starburstLike any other social platform, LinkedIn is only a good resource if you engage in it. Having a profile is a good start, but you want to use it to develop networks, build relationships, and grow professionally. If you have questions about how to do this, we can help.