Life Coaching

What stirs you to deep passion? What fulfills you? How do YOU want to unfold? Together, we explore those questions in a safe and non-judgmental space. We discover the power of your strengths in a way that embraces your whole life and inspires you to the life of your dreams.

What Life Coaching Looks Like For You

Coaching is a supportive alliance between coach and client, a relationship designed to empower you forward while deepening self-knowledge. Coaching is not advice, instruction or therapy. It is an ongoing partnership that challenges you to move beyond limiting beliefs encourages you to more fully use your natural strength to do all the things you are capable of doing. Thrive Coaching Group uses the Co-Active coaching model, long considered the gold standard of coaching methodology.

Smiling advisor listening to a burnt-out employee in a corporation

More About Our Model of Coaching

The co-active coaching model uses powerful questions to help you clarify your mission, purpose, goals and ultimately support the achievement of your desired outcome for coaching. Co-active coaching is rooted in neuroscience. Research suggests that the coactive coaching process powerfully aligns with what we know about effective brain development. Using tools linked to neuroplasticity, or the brain's capacity for change, the coach is able to engage the client in ways that lead to lasting and transformative change. Documented in a Case Western Reserve University study, researchers found that when subjects spent 30 minutes investigating their desired personal vision, the parts of their brain "associated with cognitive, perceptual, and emotional openness and better functioning" were awakened.

Learn more about the co-active model in this short video.