Job Search Strategies

If you’re preparing to apply to new opportunities, or if you’ve been applying without any luck, it’s good to focus on the job search strategies you are employing. The job market today requires an approach quite different than even five years ago. As career coaches, we are regularly in conversations about the trends and practices in recruiting and hiring. The wide variety in the job market means no one strategy works, and what works today will very likely change within the next five years.

Developing a job search strategy includes:

  • identifying clear job targets, including industries, positions, and companies
  • developing a list of job search resources
  • identifying networking opportunities
  • creating a pitch statement for networking
  • creating an action plan to move forward

We work with you to clearly identify your story - what you bring to your desired career and what you want most in that career. We approach this from a whole-life perspective, so it's more than just the job or paycheck. Once we know this, we work with you to develop a strategy that works for you and the career you're pursuing.

Depending on the work you've already done, coaching may be a single session focused on what you need most, or it can be an ongoing process where we support you and help hold you accountable in your progress.

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