Job Interviews

Job interviews, whether informal or formal, play a significant role in building relationships, opening the door to new opportunities, and securing the job you want. Being prepared, having done your research about the industry, and communicating clearly are equally important to moving forward in your career search and development.

Interviewing can be learned and improved. It takes practice and feedback on what works and what doesn’t. We’ll help you develop confidence in talking about yourself, identify compelling answers to potential questions, present yourself professionally, and know how to handle the follow-up after the interview.

There are two main types of interviews we regularly support:

  • Informational interviews: Informational interviews are when you, the job seeker, reaches out to others to explore their career, their place of employment, or other professional topics. You are in the seat of the interviewer. These are great ways to showcase your professionalism, and can often turn into leads to job opportunities not yet posted, or even serve as a first interview for a possible job at that company.
  • Job interviews: Almost all jobs have some kind of interview. They serve a different purpose than your job application. Through exploration of typical interview questions, and a mock behavioral interview, we help you develop the confidence and content to master a job interview. In some professions, you may need to have a technical interview. While we can't offer mock technical interviews, we do work with you to identify resources where you can practice these.

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Thrive starburstInterviews can be daunting, especially for those who are introverted or shy. While coaching helps, practice is the key to entering any interview with confidence and professionalism. A great way to do this is to record yourself while answer standard interview questions, and then ask for feedback from a career coach. You can use a platform like YouTube or Vidyard to store and share your recording.