Coaching for All of Life™

At Thrive Coaching Group, our role is to help guide you in your personal and professional development. Our clients seek coaching for a number of reasons:

  • Career exploration, job searches, and professional development
  • Significant transitions, such as substantial loss, living with a life-threatening illness, and life changes
  • Pursuing their full potential, which includes identifying and setting goals, balancing personal and professional life, building powerful relationships, and living an ideal life

We help you imagine, design, and lead the career and life you want.


Our Work

What We Do

Coaching for All of Life™ captures the essence of our work with you. We recognize that whatever brings you to us is only one part of your whole life. Building on your motivation to seek out coaching, we partner with you in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires you to maximize your personal and professional potential.

How We Work

We ground our work in storytelling. We listen deeply, reflecting together on what is being communicated, focusing on strengths and successes. As listeners we become engaged, pulled into the story and when this happens, we feel more connected to the storyteller and we remember the story better than if someone had just recited a list of facts.

Coaching vs. Consulting

Coaching is a creative partnership that inspires our clients to maximize their personal and professional potential. Some clients need to develop new skills (e.g., writing a resume or cover letter), need guidance on implementing change, or need instruction on how to do something new, or have specific needs they wish to address.

What Clients Have To Say

"Words can’t describe how grateful I am for all your help during my medical school admission process. You met with me for weeks to go over my essays. I really appreciate your help and I am positive that I would not have gotten as many interviews or acceptances without it.”

-Beth S.

“Thank you so much for your help with my application! You are the most patient, supportive and helpful person in the world! It was amazing having you to lean on during this process. Thank you for all that you do!”

-Sandra B.

-Ann S.

“I just wanted to thank you for being so fantastic. You work so hard for all of us, and I really appreciate everything you do. You’ve helped me on countless occasions and helped make my life less stressful!”

-Chelsea N.