Career Exploration

Career exploration is for people of all ages. Students and young professionals often haven't had enough time or guidance in exploring their career interests. Mid-career professionals can face burnout or loss of interest in the career they're in, wanting to figure out what comes next. And those nearing retirement may find they want to explore how they can continue to be active and engaged after they officially retire.

There are a lot of free resources out there to explore career interests, and we have some listed here. They can be used at any time in your career and we often encourage our young- and mid-career professionals to use them.

What our coaching provides is professional experience in making sense of the results in the context of your whole life, and understanding them in the context of how careers work. Through one-on-one, personalized coaching, you will explore your strengths, talents, values, and interests. We'll connect these to career options, service options, or new opportunities for growth and learning. Where applicable, we'll develop an educational and training plan to help you take the next steps.

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Thrive starburstAre you, or do you have, a high school student? Are you thinking about college but are unsure if that's the right path for your career interests? Our partner, Navigate College and Careers, works with high school students and families as they explore their career interests and potential college pathways.