Career Coaching

There are a lot of reasons to seek out career coaching. Are you...

  • Unhappy with your job but can’t figure out what else to do?
  • Love your work but want to advance and need help figuring out how?
  • Needing help as you apply to jobs?
  • Finding yourself in a work culture that’s not a good fit or, worse, a toxic work environment?
  • Uncertain about your future?
  • Trying to figure out networking and personal branding, but are confused about how to get started?

We’ve been there, and we know just how challenging it is to be doing something that you’re unhappy in.

Whether you are just starting to explore your interests and how they translate to a career, or you’re changing directions, we will help you identify and communicate what matters most to you so you can see the career results you want.

Our coaching is designed to partner with you, and to empower you forward while deepening self-knowledge. We use powerful questions to help you clarify your mission, purpose, and goals, and challenge you to move beyond limiting beliefs. Ultimately, our coaching partnership encourages you to more fully use your natural strength to achieve your career aspirations.

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Our founders, Kate Knaul and J Miranda, have provided career and life coaching combined for nearly 50 years. They are members of a number of career and life coaching professional organizations, including the Career Development Professionals of Indiana, the National Résumé Writers' Association and the Co-Active Training Institute.