Why do today what you can do tomorrow?

By J Miranda | August 28, 2020

I am likely one of the world’s foremost experts in procrastination. Ok, maybe that is an exaggeration, but my office is never cleaner than when I am putting off a major task. Believe me, I would much rather vacuum, dust, straighten, and do all the other parts of organizing than put my effort behind something […]

Standardized Tests and College Admission

By Kate Knaul | August 25, 2020

Understanding Standardized Tests for College Admission Standardized tests have come to define US education, persisting from elementary school all the way through entrance into graduate school programs. They continue, despite evidence that these tests are flawed, and biased against students of color, English-language learners, low-income students, students with disabilities, and those who struggle with test […]

Our Story

By Kate Knaul | August 12, 2020

OUR STORY: BECOMING THRIVE COACHING GROUP Can we tell you how excited we are to be writing this post? We’ve each had days where we weren’t sure where we were headed. Heck, we still have those days! But we are here today, in part because of each other’s ability to listen, coach, challenge, and hold […]

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