Getting to know your college options

By Kate Knaul | September 15, 2020

Getting to know your college options For high school students and families considering college, there are two critical things to do: (1) know one’s one interests, needs, and limitations, and (2) become familiar with colleges. Today we’re focusing on how to get to know colleges. When you look at college websites or read their brochures, […]

A mindful approach to grief

By J Miranda | September 8, 2020

Tara Haelle’s interesting post introduces some important ideas about the intersections of grief and loss with the crises of the Covid-19 pandemic. Ambiguous grief is central to our current experience and she offers some good strategies for managing it, including acceptance, setting reasonable expectations, and finding fulfillment in familiar activities. Another challenge of the pandemic […]

Why Hire an Independent Educational Consultant

By Kate Knaul | September 1, 2020

The Value of Working with an Independent Educational Consultant When I left the university environment to pursue my own business as an independent educational consultant, aka “college coach,” it was a move borne out of a love for helping shape future generations. I was never called to be in the classroom like my parents, sisters-in-law, […]

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