Academic Coaching

We work with students and families through academic coaching to simplify and support their academic success while in school and in college, and we help them explore and apply to college.

What Academic Coaching Looks Like For You

Students often find they need extra support to manage their academic success. Success can be about time management, study habits, or engaging with peers and teachers. Success can also be about pursuing additional educational opportunities. They might be curious about study abroad, college, graduate school, or competitive fellowships. Regardless of what your needs are, we partner with you to explore your interests and needs, and help you achieve your goals.

Academic, Social and Emotional Learning

We work with students on developing the academic and social emotional skills they need to be successful in high school or college.  As a result, students improve their communication, and build stronger relationships with others. They also learn coping skills and important academic skills like goal setting, time management, methods of learning, and reflection.


"Words can’t describe how grateful I am for all your help during my medical school admission process. You met with me for weeks to go over my essays. I really appreciate your help and I am positive that I would not have gotten as many interviews or acceptances without it.”

-Beth S.

“I can’t thank you enough for helping me with my application for the past couple of months. Your sense of calm kept me focused, and I always valued your suggestions. Even in my most desperate moments, I knew I could turn to you for guidance. I truly don’t think I could have written such complete essays without you.”

-Ann S.

“Kate read through dozens of drafts of my personal statements...but she never corrected for grammar–she ‘read between the lines,’ pushing me to analyze on the deepest possible level my hopes and ambitions for pursuing a chosen avenue. Kate taught me to write (and to act in life) from that place of deep passion, analysis, and hope. Her impact on students is such that gaining entry to programs of distinction is secondary to understanding why they wish to participate in the first place. I believe this is precisely why Kate’s students are so transformed (and successful in their respective programs) following her tutelage.”

-Liz W.